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1.1 Alarm Padlock (KH1109)
1.2 Alarm Padlock (KH-0668)
1.3 Remote Control Mini Alarm
2.0 C7614VD Colour Surveillance Camera
2.1 Nest BOX Camera Kit
2.2 Bird FEEDER Camera Kit
2.4 L0108W4 + C5384VD Wireless Colour CCTV
2.5 QH-968 Plug In Door Chime
2.6 YL-105 Remote Control Alarm
2.7 Dusk to Dawn Light Adaptor (Model SF-1)
2.8 Key Cabinet
3.0 Black & White Surveillance Camera Kit (Product Code C7614VB)
3.1 Mini Heavy Duty Colour Camera (Product Code C3563VD)
3.2 Model 60-97 PS CCTV Camera with PIR & Siren
3.3 Model 60-97 PTN CCTV Camera with PIR & Intercom
3.4 Model 60-75N Camera, Intercom & Nightime LEDs
3.5 Model 70-79PT CCTV Camera with PIR & Intercom
3.6 Model 60-75 CCTV Camera with Intercom (Product Code 1453)
3.7 CCD-601D Wireless Camera - 2009 *NEW AND IMPROVED*
3.9 Model CCD-601D Wireless Mini Camera

4.0 Digital Video Recorder With 500 GB Hard Drive *SOLD OUT*
4.1 Colour Quad Processor with built-in DVR & 2GB SDR card *SOLD OUT*
4.2 Model 70-42 Quad Processor (for 60-75N only) *SOLD OUT*
4.3 Channel Digital Video Recorder (Product Code D2192JN) *SOLD OUT*
4.4 Model 70-25 Digital CCTV Recorder *SOLD OUT*
5.0 Plug In Door Chime (RL-388)
5.1 Plug-In Door Chime (TS0309)
5.2 Wireless Digital Doorchime (Product Code:RL-3971)
5.3 Wireless Digital Doorchime (Product Code:2471)
5.4 Plug-In Door Chime (Model 6814)
6.1 Smoke Alarm (Model SD-170H)
6.2 Two Zone Alarm Kit (Product Code 4465)
7.0 The Digital Detector (Model 12-71)
7.1 Damp Detector (Product Code 7049)
7.2 Multi-Tester (Model MS-618L)
7.6 Sound Activated Light Adaptor (Model SF-2)
7.7 Random Dust to Dawn Light Adaptor (Model SF-3)
7.8 Siren Light Adaptor (Model SF-4)
8.0 Security Market Pen (Product Code 4709)
9.0 Torches & Lamps
9.1 Night Lights (Product Code 3549)
9.2 Secret Safes

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